2022.    Fulltime Junior Graphic & Motion designer at Woestijnvis.
               (Award winning Belgian Production company)


2020.    The Prize Of Jury Award 2020 for my bachelor project at LUCA school of arts.


2023.    Fast Life Poster Exhibition, during the Belgian Art & Design Fair.

2023.    Book feature Bounty Hunters - Posters.
2023.    Book feature Slanted - Posters Can Help.
2022.    Book feature Gaatii publishing - Layout Innovation.
2022.    Feature on Rawart Studio
2022.    Feature on Another Graphic
2021.     Feature on Rawart Studio
2021.     Featured by Subbacultcha, Magazine
2021.     Featured by Paul Nicholson, the creator of the Aphex Twin logo.


2022.    Internship Studio De Ronners in Rotterdam.
2020.    Internship Whojo.


David Adameyo, Jules Vanrijselberghe, Jorn Vanderlinden, HAHA!?,
WalkieTalkie, Arthur Vansuyt, Ronald Geraltovskiy, Het Offensief.

My name is Ward Vossaert and I am a 24 year old motion and graphic designer based in Brussels, Belgium.  I studied Digital Design at LUCA School of Arts in Ghent, and graduaded in 2020. After that I studied Graphic Design at the same school and graduated in 2022.

My multidisciplinary approach is centralized around Visual Identities, Editorial Design, Motion Design, 3D Design, Posters and other Printed Media. I always find a lot of fun in experimenting with concepts and visual ideas, in order to achieve a clear and solid design.

Besides my freelance work, I like to experiment with different software programs to find new visual solutions and possibilities. After experimenting, I try to integrate and translate these into original designs ready to be presented by using different printing techniques like RISO. I also have a strong interest in music, hence my design for Low Orbit Records, and I collect vinyl records.

For assignments and/or collaborations, please don't hesitate to contact me.

Mail:               wardv98@gmail.com
Phone:          +32 476 82 74 90
Instagram:   @Wurdex

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